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Adding the bookmarklet:

Drag this button to your bookmarks bar. Find a site you like? Just click the button and we'll add it to your start.io.

Save to start.io

Changing your browser's startpage:
FirefoxGo to the Tools menu and click Options.
SafariGo to the Safari menu and click Preferences.
OperaGo to the Tools menu and click Preferences.
ExplorerOnce you're viewing your start.io startpage, click Tools and then Internet Options.

Exporting your browser's bookmarks:
FirefoxClick the Bookmarks menu and then Manage Bookmarks. Choose File and click Export.
SafariGo to File and click Export Bookmarks.
OperaGo to File, then Import and Export and choose Export Bookmarks.
ExplorerClick the Add to Favorites button, and then click Import and Export. Go through the the steps presented and remember where you're saving it.


Picking a layout:

On the top-right of the Settings page, click Layouts. You can choose one of our layouts, or create your own on the bottom of the page using our custom code.

Managing your links:
SortAny link or group can be moved by clicking and dragging its title.
EditClicking on a link title will reveal its settings below.
CreateClick Add a New Group on the top of the manager to create a group. Add a New Link can be found on the bottom of each group.
DeleteFor links, click the title to reveal its settings and use the delete button on the bottom. For groups, click the gear in the top right and then click delete.

Changing your password:

At the bottom of the Settings page, fill out the three text boxes with your password information. Enter your current password once, then your new password twice, and hit Save.

If you are unable to login, you can reset your password.


Using the startpage on your phone:

Enter this address into your phone - http://m.start.io/username

If you use an iPhone, you can view your bookmarks in our enhanced mobile layout here - http://i.start.io/username

Talk to us.

We are Jacob Bijani and Peter Vidani.